Frequently Asked Questions

As with any organisation, there are questions which are often asked about how it operates. Following are some of those questions and our answers to them. If you a question other than those listed below, please don't hesitate to contact Rod:

Phone: 0418 135 090 or email: rod@rainbowtas.org

Q: Can I attend social events without becoming a member?

A: You are welcome to attend your first social event as our guest, but we ask that you complete a Mailing List Application Form so that we can keep in touch with you.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Simply complete a Mailing List Application Form. You can do this at a social event or, alternatively, you can download the form and mail it to Rod. Forms can be downloaded from links on the Events page.

Q: How much does it cost to be a member?

A: Nothing! At our social events we send around a collection plate to cover organisational costs and to raise funds for our projects. There is no pressure to contribute, but members have contributed significantly to support the organisation and its projects.

Q: Will my contact information be kept confidential?

A: Absolutely! One person (Rod Shadbolt) enters the information into a database and uses it to mail or email information to members. Emails are sent using the Bcc (Blind courtesy copy) function so that members' email addresses are not visible in emails received.

Q: How will my contact information be used?

A: It will be used only to contact you. It will not be disclosed to any other organisation or individual. Apart from being used to contact you, the only other use made of it will be to compile summary information - statistics - on the number of members in each chapter and in SPECTRUM as a whole.

Q: Will I be sent anything other than information on SPECTRUM events?

A: No. It is SPECTRUM policy that we will not use our membership database to send you information from other organisations, such as newsletters.