Social Occasions

About once a month, SPECTRUM members meet at a member’s home (or one of the local restaurants, parks or BBQ areas) to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company. In many small and unique regional community settings, they enjoy discovering the food, wine, history, craft and beauty of the local areas.

In all areas there are significant GLBTI owned and/or operated/friendly business ventures that provide meeting venues, support and services. Please visit Our Sponsors and support them.

Members are invited to SPECTRUM events by either discrete email or mail.

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State Coordinator

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This position is currently vacant.

Regional contacts

  • Kingborough/Huon
  • Greater Hobart
  • Greater Launceston
  • Cradle Coast


 Diedre Murray The contact for SPECTRUM in the Kingborough/Huon Valley region is Deidre Murray (pictured at left).

Contact us

Email: deidre@rainbowtas.org
Phome: 0412 931 974


To be advised The contact for SPECTRUM in Greater Hobart is Tony Furmage.

Contact us

Email: tony@rainbowtas.org
Phone: TBA


Donald Macdonald The contact for SPECTRUM in the Greater Launceston area is Don Macdonald (pictured at left).  

Contact us

Email: donmac@rainbowtas.org
Phone: 0438 311 426
Mail: PO Box 1619


Watch This Space The contact for SPECTRUM on the Cradle Coast is Leanne Bonney.

Contact us

Email: leanne@rainbowtas.org
Phone: 03 6431 6285
Mail: PO Box 338



If you wish to discuss becoming a member, please contact Rod:

Email: rod@rainbowtas.org
Phone: 0418 135 090


SPECTRUM members pay no fees, charges or subscriptions and there are no rules other than treating one’s fellow members with respect.

SPECTRUM has no political, welfare or other affiliation or agenda, and no ex pectation other than enjoyment of the social occasion.

Members from all regions who are registered on the SPECTRUM state contact list (security and absolute discretion guaranteed) are invited to all the events run in the various regions.

SPECTRUM also has a strong associate membership base of family, friends, and GLBTI people who share in a variety of open functions e.g. film nights, dinners, art exhibitions etc.

Importantly, SPECTRUM supports and partners other GLBTI organisations in general community events.


Frequently Asked Questions about SPECTRUM

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