Outright Youth

To become a member of Outright Youth (OY), please jump to the Publications page and download the OY Brochure.

If you wish to discuss becoming an OY member, please contact:

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Ricky Meerding - Co-Chair

Email: ricky@rainbowtas.org 

Outright Youth

Outright Youth regions include Greater Hobart, Kingborough/Huon Valley, Greater Launceston/East Coast, and Cradle Coast (North Coast/West Coast).

The intent of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) community in establishing the Outright Youth program (OY) is simply to provide for strategies that will allow young GLBTI people (12-25) in the Tasmanian regions to ‘come out with pride’ and live in their community with dignity as fully respected and participating members.

Participation in the broader community will improve as the unique skills and attributes of young members of GLBTI communities are enabled to come into play at local, regional and state levels.

OY works at local/regional levels through the Coming Out Proud Program (COPP) Community Liaison Committees (CLC’s) and at state level through Rainbow Communities Tasmania.

Both OY and COPP are involved in initiating cultural change to provide a more accepting environment for rainbow people - see the Cultural Change page for further details.

Pictured below are Josh Brown and Sandy Verrier, both honoured at the 2011 Rainbow Awards for their contributions to the LGBTI community.

Josh Brown Generosity with his time and energy; outstanding leadership and support of members of the Outright Youth organisation, advocating for critical peer and professional support for LGBTI young people in schools and at work.
Sandy Verrier Displaying conviction and sensitivity in setting up the Outright Youth model in Rosny College; responding to students’ needs by being a contact teacher for GLBTI students needing a supportive person in a safe environment; being the special needs liaison link back to school authorities.

How OY works at the Local Level

OY in each region is operated under a locally developed COPP Management Plan. OY comprises a significant part of the local/regional management plan as follows:

  • Making Tasmania a safer place for the youth of the GLBTI community to ‘come out’ with dignity and pride;
  • Working with schools and youth organisations on lowering the amount of bullying of GLBTI people using the Elizabeth College GLBTi Network model;
  • OY has iniated a program using the specially designed toolkit and cultural awareness package, Not Round Here, with all schools and Polytechnics to identify teachers and social workers who will be able to help GLBTI students when they’re in need of help at school or college;
  • A commitment in all schools and youth organisations to invest in GLBTI “Peer Youth Leaders” who can work with teachers and other professionals to ensure a safe and positive environment that acknowlledges, respects and celebrates diversity; and
  • Creating social opportunities and events to allow young sexually and gender diverse people to celebrate in a safe and welcoming environment.

How OY works at the State Level

Through TCS&GDP Inc./Rainbow Tasmania, as follows:

  • Establishing funds through the COPP Trust to support administrative and volunteer finance;
  • Consultation and coordination with Tasmania’s GLBTI communities, government organisations and youth-oriented organisations will provide for more appropriate, effective and efficient assessment of needs and issues for sexual and gender diverse young people;
  • A voice on the State Government GLBTI Reference Group;
  • Working with TasCAHRD, Working It Out and mainstream youth-oriented organisations.