The Coming Out Proud Program

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any organisation, there are questions which are often asked about how it operates. Following are some of those questions and our answers to them. If you a question other than those listed below, please don't hesitate to contact Deidre:

Phone: 03 6266 4586 or email: deidre@rainbowtas.org

Q: How is the Coming Out Proud Program financed?

A: It is currently financed by SPECTRUM, which raises funds at its social events. The funds raised are then made available to the COP Program Steering Committee to spend on State-wide initiatives and to allocate to the Community Liaison Committees to fund local/regional initiatives.

Q: How is a COPP Community Liaison Committee established?

A: A proposal is prepared for the relevant Local Government Authority by the sponsoring organisation. This outlines the history, aim, objectives and proposed outcomes of the Coming Out Proud Program and seeks endorsement for the establishment of a CLC in that region. It is usual for the Community Development Department of the Council/Authority to prepare a briefing paper and recommendation for consideration and decision by the relevant committee.

Q: Who appoints the Chair of a CLC?

A: The COP Program Steering Committee appoints the Committee's Chair (or, ideally, Co-Chairs - male and female).

Q: Are any other members of a CLC appointed?

A: The Local Government Authority appoints its representative on the Committee.

Q: Can I become a member of a CLC?

A: Almost certainly! As the program seeks to provide strategies for members of local/regional GLBTI communities, CLCs seek to achieve a balanced membership that represents the full diversity of those communities, together with interested people from the broader community. It is expected that the interests of the local GLBTI communities will prevail through balanced membership and the Chairperson's casting vote (or Co-Chairpersons’ casting votes).

Q: What responsibilities do CLC members have?

A: The responsibilities are not onerous. They include:

Q: How does the COP program operate at local level?

A: The CLC develops a Management Plan in which it outlines how it intends to implement the program. This is normally through the development of partnerships with service providers. It is important to note that the COP Program does not directly fund service provision. The Management Plan of each CLC is available on the CLC's page on this site.

Q: How is membership of the Program Steering Committee decided?

A: The COP Program Steering Committee is comprised of the State Coordinators of SPECTRUM (the funding body), the Chairs (or Co-Chairs) of the CLCs and the COP representatives on Departmental GLBTI Reference Groups.