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Rainbow Tasmania

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Email: deidre@rainbowtas.org
Phone: 0412 931 974


The Rainbow Tasmania website is the digital home of Rainbow Communities Tasmania Inc., an incorporated body of organisations dedicated to achieving and maintaining inclusion and equity for rainbow people in Tasmania. We operate regionally through four Community Liaison Committees of the Coming Out Proud Program (COPP).

Our family of organisations aims to effect changes in community attitudes and policies that ensure that sexual and gender diversity is acknowledged and valued. We also aim to encourage individuals to come out with pride and to live in their community with dignity as fully respected and participating members.

The menu buttons to the left of the screen provide access to the member organisations of the Rainbow Tasmania family and to information that may be useful, both to those seeking greater participation and those in positions of influence who support our goals. Please feel free to browse the website and to communicate with the identified contacts.

Rainbow Communities Tasmania
Board of Management

Chair Deidre Murray deidre@rainbowtas.org
Deputy Chair Don Macdonald donmac@rainbowtas.org
Secretary Tony Furmage tony@rainbowtas.org
Treasurer Ted Gray ted@rainbowtas.org
Public Officer Robert Thompson robert@rainbowtas.org
Auditor Huon Accounting Services  

Organisations affiliated with Rainbow Communities Tasmania are:

SPECTRUM - GLBTI Social Network

Outright Youth - Youth Advocacy

COPP Trust - Philanthropic Wing


Rainbow Communities Tasmania Inc. is a member of the following organisations:

National LGBT Health Alliance

Tasmanian Council of Social Services (TasCOSS)

Mental Health Association of Tasmania

Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT)


To apply for Associate Membership of Rainbow Communities Tasmania, please access the Publications page.

A Complaints Policy and Complaint Form is also available.